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Holland Homestead​

Fresh "AF" Products


All About Holland Homestead

Hey y'all! I’m Tameeka, “The Black Beekeeper“ and I created Holland Homestead to share my passion for beekeeping and fresh “AF” products such as local NJ honey, homemade soaps, lip balms and more!

I got into beekeeping because  I am an avid gardener. I love to grow as much  of  my own food as I can for my family, which is how I noticed there weren’t many bees pollinating my crops, so I did some research, joined the New Jersey Beekeepers  Association and the rest is history! I love being a beekeeper so much that I am starting my journey to become a Master Beekeeper. Once I complete this goal it will help me to become a more skilled beekeeper and continue my path of being a commercial beekeeper.

Honeybees have been on the decline for some time now due to the varroa mite,pesticides, lack of habitats and food. I felt it was my duty to do something to help them especially living in the garden state. Beekeepers provide a pivotal role in the survival of honeybees. Honeybees pollinate 90% of the food we consume. They are so important to the survival of the human race. Fun fact other awesome pollinators besides bees are bats. I know they are getting a bad rep now but y’all they are so important!

Holland Homestead is not open to the public and does not have a storefront!

In my spare time I am also available for consulting and/or virtual speaking engagements to teach about bees or life on the homestead. I am also available to manage your bees on your business property or private property. Please contact me for details. ​

Mission Statement

Sharing my passion for honeybees and hand-crafting fresh “AF” products.

Covid 19

Holland Homestead uses the USPS for all shipping. Your package may not arrive as quickly as it did prior to Covid because the USPS is understaffed and overwhelmed. I appreciate your patience. You will receive notifications on where your package is via the USPS. Thank you


Simple, natural ingredients

The latest on Holland Homestead

An ongoing series of informational entries

My first blog y’all !!

July 12, 2020

Hey Y’all! Thank you for joining my journey of beekeeping, homesteading and fresh “AF” products. 

Almost there

July 16, 2020

I am so close to launching the site. I want to make sure I have everything I think I need to get started.

Midsummer Harvest

July 19, 2020

Well guys, I finally launched my website! It took a bit of time to do, and was very frustrating but I was able to accomplish it with minimal issues! Today I went into the garden which is not doing as well as I had hoped, but I was able to score some red, white, blue and yellow new potatoes, peas, string beans, a lonely ass turnip, spinach, young collards that something got to before me (ugh!) purple basil and stevia! NONE of my peppers or tomatoes or eggplants came up and I grew from seed. I will not have a surplus this year as I had hoped. It’s cool tho. I still grew some fresh “AF” thangs that my family can enjoy.


Holland Homestead is happy to accept donations that will go towards equipment for beekeeping and general maintenance.


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Got questions about beekeeping or homesteading? Fill out the form to the left and I will get back to you within 48 hrs.

EMAIL: [email protected]